Usually, I’m lazy. But when I’m not, I translate fandom stuff.

I mostly made this list for myself because I keep forgetting what I’ve already translated, but heck, maybe someone will find it useful, so I’m posting it here.  Keep in mind that I’ll prolly forget to keep this list up-to-date because I’m a huge derp.

I’m only going to list here translations of the official stuff, like drama cds and interviews. I used to translate doujinshi, too, so if you’re smart enough you can find these in the great sea of the Internet somewhere.

-> Drama CDs

Metal Gear Solid

MGS Peacewalker drama CD

Edit 8th July 2013 : I should probably re-translate these for the sake of accuracy – I’ve never been satisfied with them to begin with and my listening abilities weren’t too good back in the day (I’m writing this two years after I finished the translations).

Chapter 1

Sauna Track


-> Other translations

Tiger & Bunny

Interview with Satou Keiichi, Animage august

Interview with Hirata Hiroaki and Morita Masakazu, Cool Voice issue 5

Interview with Tamura Kazuhiko in Animage July

Cast comments from the Official Hero Book

Interview with Nishida Masafumi from the Official Hero Book